Our Product

Dataforce ASAP is a cloud based Field services system. It has been especially tailored towards companies operating in the Energy Efficiency space under government programs such as:

Although Dataforce ASAP excels as a solution for the above schemes, the product is extremely flexible and can be configured to work for many types of service based businesses.

There are two components to the Dataforce ASAP system, a mobile application ‘Dataforce Runabout’, and the back office application ‘ASAP’.

ASAP handles all of the administration and management while Runabout provides a tool for Field workers to complete the jobs in real time in the field and collect all required data.

Dataforce ASAP has been designed to manage high volumes of jobs, so whether you are completing 20 jobs/month or 20,000 jobs/month, Dataforce ASAP is ready.


Believe it or not, the first version of Dataforce ASAP was built way back in 2001 and was developed specifically for the Sydney Water Every Drop counts program. Since then a lot has changed in the tech world, and as times have changed Dataforce ASAP has had to change with it. Support for old school Tablet PC’s was introduced in 2008 and finally support for Android based mobile devices was introduced in 2011.

Countless features and improvements have been made to the system over these years resulting in a product that is extremely flexible, versatile and adaptable.

Since 2001, Dataforce ASAP has helped many businesses run their Energy Efficiency programs throughout Australia with over 1.3 million appointments processed through the system.

Below is a list of just some of the programs that we have been involved in:

  • Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET)
  • South Australian Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES)
  • NSW Energy Efficiency Scheme (ESS)
  • Federal Renewable Energy Target (RET)
  • Brisbane City Council Green Heart Wisdom Program
  • Sydney Water Every Drop Counts Program
  • Sydney Water Every Drop Counts Business Program
  • Sydney Water WaterFix ® Program
  • Sydney Water Toilet Replacement Service
  • Low Income Household Refit Program
  • NSW Department of Environment Home Power Savings Program
  • Queensland Government Home Waterwise Service
  • Queensland Government ClimateSmart Home Service
  • Australian Government Green Loans Program
  • National Solar Schools Program