1. Open the Product Management screen by clicking Admin → Products

  2. Click “Add Product”

  3. Enter the product details into the provided fields
    Refer to Product Details Configuration Fields for more in-depth explanation of each fields

  4. Click Save Changes

  5. Click the “Attributes” tab

  6. Enter the product attributes into the provided fields
    Refer to Product Attribute if you want to setup a new product attribute to be displayed in this screen

  7. Click Save Details

Product Details Configuration Fields

The following table contain all of the required information to add a basic product.

Property Description
Product Name The name that will be displayed to represent the product
Product Description  
Product Type Specify the type of product
Refer to Product Types for a full list of product types
Disabled Hide the product from product list, prevent operators from selecting it.
Activity Type Activity type where the product will be available
ASAP does not support two activity type on a single product
Duplicate or clone the product if this product is available on multiple activity
Buy Price The cost of the product
Sell Price The price charged to customer
Include in Minimum Contribution Calculation Select this option if this product sales is applicable for calculating the minimum contribution or cost of the job
Typically primary product
Valid for Client(s) Specify the client that has the access to this product
Calculation Zone Types The calculation zone type that will be applied to the product
Product Brochure PDF file that contains the details of the product. This pdf file can be attached to emails via a property in email types

Product Types

Property Description
Primary Product The product approved by the energy efficiency scheme, this product generate energy certificate.
Typically: lighting tube, shower head, weather sealing, solar panel, etc
Additional Product Assigned to a non-scheme product. Generally, this product type is used to differentiate between product under the scheme and non-scheme product
Service A non-product / service fees that need to be charge to customer.
Typically: ladder hire, lift hire, installation fee, etc
Discount An approved amount of money to reduce the total price of the upgrade
Certificate Surcharge This product type ensure that customers will pay at least the minimum cost for an upgrade.
Generally, this product type will be applied to jobs under ESS. “CLU Mandatory Co-payment adjustment” is an example of the certificate surcharge products.