If a fieldworker attends and appointment and can not commence due to inaction by the customer an appointment can be completed as a ‘Customer No Show’, this completion leave the appointment in a completed status but with no question answers or products included in the appointment. It can be later invoiced in an RCTI to pay the fieldworker for attendance only.

A ‘No Show’ can have a new appointment booked at a later date to complete the job.

Completing an Appointment as a No Show on Runabout.

A fieldworker can complete and appointment as a No Show by doing the following:

  1. In Runabout open the Schedule Day with the appointment.
  2. Long press the Appointment until the Appointment Action popup appears.
  3. Select the Mark as No Show option.

Complete and Appointment as a NoShow on ASAP.

To complete

  1. Open the Appointment in ASAP.
  2. Navigate to the Appointment Actions Tab.
  3. Select the Complete Appointment Action
  4. Select the Customer No Show Checkbox at top the screen.
  5. Click Ok to the notificaion Popup.
  6. Click the Save Button.

Check the Appointment Outcome in ASAP

The appointment outcome can be checked from the appointment summary tab.

Search for No Show Appointments.

See the Appointment Search page for more details on how to search for appointments with this outcome.

Booking a Follow Up Appointment.

Booking a followup appointment can be done from the Appointments Tab in the Job Bar.

  1. Open the Job in ASAP.
  2. Navigate to the Appointments Tab on the Job Bar.
  3. Select the No Show Appointment from the grid.
  4. Click the Create Return Visit From No Show button.
  5. Click Ok to the notification Popup.
  6. Now Schedule the new appointment.