Not just another field services system

Dataforce ASAP isn't just your standard job system. It has been built around Government Energy Schemes that have extensive regulatory requirements and complex rules.

Not only this, but the rules and regulations for these Energy Schemes change a lot, and new Energy Saving Schemes are coming and going all of the time.

So how do we deal with this? Simple, we built a system that is highly flexible and configurable and that can easily adapt to changes in work flows, energy certificate calculation methods, compliance requirements, auditing rules etc.

Field Services Systems need features, and Dataforce ASAP definately has a lot of them, but rather than going through an exhaustive list of the standard features that you would expect, we will list the features that we believe make Dataforce ASAP the only choice for managing an Energy Savings Programs.

Address Validation

Customer addresses are validated against a Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF) to ensure that the property exists. Not only is the address validated, but it is corrected for typos, and standarised

Customer Qualification

Create question work flows to determine the eligibility of a customer for the services you are offering

Build Instant Quotations

Quotations can be built simply by asking the customer a series of questions defined by a question workflow, or by selecting the products and services to quote

Custom Emails

Setup your own custom email templates and define when you want them to be triggered and what custom forms will get attached

SMS Notifications

Don't lose money because your customer forgot to be at home. Send customers SMS notifications prior to arriving for a job

Capture Signatures

Capture customer and Field worker signatures for acceptance of contract terms or directly onto custom forms requiring signatures

Capture Photos

Capture photos for compliance purposes or for your own record keeping. Photos can be stamped with current location and geo-coordinates to ensure that the photos were taken on site

Custom Question Workflows

Create complex question work flows to capture custom data relating to a customer or job. Practical applications include Auditing, Assessments or just information collection

Custom Forms

Use the form designer to map data fields to your PDF templates. Invoices, Quotes, Payment Receipts or any other custom forms that need to be created

Job Work Flows

Define your own custom job work flows. eg. When you require an assessment to be completed prior to scheduling an installation job

RCTI Invoices

Setup your own RCTI invoice templates for field workers, partner agents and clients

Data Exports

Define your own custom data file formats for exporting from the system or sending to Energy Scheme regulators

Control Field Worker Availability

Manage when your field workers are available to work and what locations they can work in

Route Planning

Assisted route planning for optimal job schedules. See travel time between appointments for better job allocation

Energy Scheme Calculations

Automatically perform certificate calculations relating to Energy Schemes. Calculate energy savings and provide customers with on the spot cost analysis or certificate discounts


Provide instant recommendations to customers for products and services based on your assessment of their current status

Credit Card Payments

Accept credit card payments in the field or in the office for instant payments or deposits on jobs

Stock Management

Allocate and Track stock on hand for Field workers and warehouses

Job Auditing

Perform job audits over the phone with your customers or as separate appointments with results based on the defined valid conditions for passing or failing audits

High Volume

Doing 5,000 jobs per week? No problem. The system and user interface are built to make managing high volumes of jobs a piece of cake.