Our API allows developers to manage your:

  • fieldworkers schedules
  • access photos taken during a job
  • view customer quotes/invoice
  • download answers taken during your appointments

We also provide access to the:

  • product register
  • fieldworker register
  • agent register
  • work type register

Accessing the API

This API is based on REST and JSON architecture using OAth2 for authentication and is separate from our legacy Runabout API which uses hybrid XML/HTTP design.

API Credentials are managed through ASAP operator/user screens where we have two API access options. Read Access Only and Read and Write Access.

As API users are created as ‘ASAP users’ you may limit access for API users in the same way that you limit access to regular users. For example, if you wish to limit which agents or clients the API user can access, you may do this in the same way you would do it for a regular user. Refer to Assign Access to Agents and Clients

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