ASAP has two user management screens. The first ASAP user screen which is used to create and assign ‘Program Access’ to a user and this known as the Global Users screen to open it :

  1. Click on the ASAP Start button on the bottom left of the screen.
  2. Select User Management from the menu popup.

The second ASAP user screen is located inside a program is used to assign client and agent access for the given program and this is known as the Program Users screen and to open it:

  1. Click on the ASAP Start button on the bottom left of the screen.
  2. Open the Program you wish to set Agent and Client access on.
  3. Click the Admin Menu and select the ‘Users’ menu option.

Create A New User

Creating a new user is 3 step process.

  1. Create basic User details and assign them a password.
  2. Assign Program Access to this new User.
  3. If new user is limited then assign the Agent and Clients their allowed to access.

Basic User Details

Click the Add User button to begin, if you have selected a user from the gird the button will have ‘Edit User’, to clear the selected user you must hold the CTRL key and then click the grid again to clear the selected user.

After you clicked the Add User button you will see a screen similar to the above screen shot.


The username field is entered by the user along with their password. A good username is between 6-12 characters and recommend that it have no spaces or special characters.

Access Level

There are three options:

  1. Disabled.
  2. Global Administrator.
  3. Role Based Access.

If a setting is set to Disabled the user will no longer have access to ASAP.

The Global Administrator option is recommend for operators that control the systems advanced configuration settings like emails and customer forms.

The Role Based Access will require this user be given access via a Role, this setting is recommend for your office operators.


ASAP will rate your password and only accept a good or strong password. A good password is at least 8 characters with mixture of letters numbers and one special character. ASAP passwords do expire every 60 days a user will be prompted to change their own passwords when it expires.

Firstname, Surname, Email

Basic user details are required, the email may be used for notifications.


If you have setup a dashboard you can assign them to new user using these fields.

Once these fields have been completed please press that Save Details button.

Assign Access to Programs.

After this User details has been saved you will see a new tab called Program Access , please click that tab.

In the example above we have two programs that a user can access.

The dropdown widget next to the programs name contains a list of user roles.

If you select No Access then the program will not be listed on the Start button for this user.

Please make you access selections and click the Save button on the bottom right of this tab.

Assign Access to Agents and Clients

This last step is only required for Roles that do not have the Access All agents or Access all Client options enabled. These user are generally third parties you have given access to, your operators should be given full access.

For Each Program navigate to the user editor by

  1. Click the ASAP start button and select a Program.
  2. Click the Admin Menu and select the Users option.
  3. Select the user from the data-grid and either double click that grid-row or click the edit user button.
  4. Your looking for the ‘Client Access’ or ‘Agent Access Tab’ tab please click when found.

Please make your selections and click the Save button bottom right of the screen.

View and Update Existing Users.

If your looking to change the users Client and Agent Access you will need to open the Program Users screen, their are instructions at the top of the page to help you navigate to this screen.

If you looking to update Contract Access or update basic user details you can navigate to either the Global Users screen or Program Users screen, their are instructions at the top of the page to help you navigate to either screen.

Once the screen is opened you will need to select the user from the data-grid and by either double clicking the grid row or a single click of the gird row and then clicking the Edit User button.

Your now have the Details Tab open and you can update the users basic details like Username, First name, Surname and Email. Some advanced actions are detailed in section below.

Disabled a user

To retire a user account you set the Access Level to ‘Disabled’. For example see the screen shot below

Click the save button on the bottom right of this tab. We hide disabled user in the user data-grid to see them you can click the checkbox at the top of the grid ‘Show Disabled Users’ and then click Search button to refresh the grid.

To enabled the user set the Access Level option to a value other than disabled and if disabled more then 60 days we recommend a new password.

Reset Password

To change a password you first must click the checkbox next to the password text field, for example see the screen shot below.

Now enter the new password into this field and the confirm password field in the next column.

Please click the save button on the bottom right of this tab.

ASAP does not notify the user of a password change.

Unlock User Account

If a user has three successive failed attempts at login from entering in the wrong password, ASAP will lock that account. If the users account is locked they can not login until an Administrator has unlocked the account.

If an account is locked you see a new field below in the Users Details Tab.

To remove the lock you must click the checkbox and then click the save button on the bottom right of this tab.