The Appointment Questions Tab allows an Operator to view and edit the question answers of an appointment. This tab is not sued to complete and assigned appointment, the ‘Complete Appointment’ action must be used with this tab for updates and review only.

When the changes made inside the tab a saved, ASAP will do the following behind the scenes.

  1. Save the question answers.
  2. Calculates product quantities and update/insert the quote or invoice.
  3. Run calculations such as the certificates calculation.
  4. Create followup appointments (if configured)
  5. Apply appointment tags that come from question answers.
  6. Update fieldworker stock usage consume/return.

It will not:

  1. Send emails that use trigger such as appointment completed.
  2. Send sms messages use trigger such as appointment completed.

As these updates can drastically alter the appointment, there are some restrictions on when changes are allowed.

If the appointment status is Audit,Submitted,Invoiced then a normal operator will be unable to save changes to the questions.

If the appointment status is Audit-Failed then a normal operator can save changes, when the appointment transitions to Audit-Passed then this tab is locked.

If the appointment status is Submitted-Failed then a normal operator can save changes if they do not change the results of any submissions that are still in non-failed status, when the appointment transitions to Submitted-Accepted|Pending|Partial then this tab is locked.

When tab is in a lock status a Program or Global Administrators may save the appointment but with this in mind that they can update question answers including products and quantities but ASAP will not process any changes to products. This done to prevent changes to Fieldworker Invoices or Submissions. Reversing the relevant submission and or invoice will allow the appointment to be changed.

If the question answers change the customers invoice or quoted amount due, ASAP will confirm if Operator wishes to continue with the update and if done ASAP will clear the digital customer signatures taken for quote or invoice to prevent abuse.

Savings Updates.

  1. Navigate to the bottom of the screen using the scroll bar on the right if the button not visible.
  2. Click the Save button but if button can not be clicked the appointment can not be changed due to status or permission restriction.
  3. Wait for the Load Screen to finish and for the Green Tick to flash.

View Revisions (Past Changes).

  1. Navigate to the Revisions Button middle top right of the screen, if not visible it may be due to a permission requirement failed.
  2. Click the Revision Button.
  3. New window will open and you may select a revision to review.
  4. Use the dropdown to choose which revision to view.
  5. Click the show button to load that revision.