Creating a Field Worker

  1. Open the Field Worker Management screen by clicking Admin → Field Workers

  2. Select the Add Field Worker button at the top right

  3. Fill the Field Worker Details, see below for descriptions

  4. Fill any Field Worker Attributes

  5. Add any Field Worker Abilities

  6. Select Save Details

Field Worker Detail Descriptions

Field Worker Detail Description
First Name
Email Address
Preferred Contact

Field worker information & contact details
Field Worker Type The field workers relationship
Either they’re a contractor or employee of yours.
Fieldworker Group A field worker group which is used for example in RCTI invoices to filter payment rates.
Agent The field worker’s agent
Status A method preventing field workers from accessing new appointments or saving changes to existing appointments.
GST Applicable Whether GST applies to the field worker
Will include or exclude GST from field worker invoices
Fieldworker Area A description of the field workers area, either metro or rural
Work Assignment The field workers current work assignment
Restrict Work Types Work types that the field worker can perform
If left blank all work types will be available
Logo The field workers logo