Work assignments are a method of grouping information available for field worker configuration, including:

  • Field worker attribute fields
  • Field worker ability fields
  • Work types
  • Start and end time for work days
  • Work day time-slot length

When a field worker has a work assignment allocated any of the above information associated with the assignment will become available.

Adding / Updating Work Assignments

  1. Browse to the work assignment configuration screen by selecting Admin -> Advanced Configuration [L-Z] -> Work Assignments
  2. If updating, select the required row. Otherwise, ensure no rows are selected
  3. Fill or update the required configuration options

Configuration Options

Configuration Description
Id A system generated identification
Name The work assignment description
Timeslot Interval Size The size of each selectable timeslot in the field worker ‘Work Days’ screen
Shift Start The start time for the first timeslot in the field worker ‘Work Days’ screen
Shift End The end time for the last timeslot in the field worker ‘Work Days’ screen