Screen Layout and Basics

The first screen under the Admin > Invoice > Invoices, allows an operator to view and create RCTI Fieldworker invoices.

Invoices Left Navigation Bar

The navigation bar has four sections:

  1. Invoice Filters - Extra options to limit appointments used.
  2. Invoice Type - List the invoice types set in ASAP, generally we have the following default types
    • Agent Invoice
    • Contractor Invoice
    • Employee Invoice
    • Client Invoice
    • Dataforce Invoice
  3. Invoice Period - A list of invoice weeks, the colour changed based on:
    • Grey: No Appointments in the week.
    • Black: Appointments not invoiced in the week.
    • Green: All appointments have been invoiced.
  4. Fieldworker(s)/Agent(s) - A list of those with appointments in the selected invoice week. It changes depending on the invoice type selected. The colour change based on
    • Black: Appointments not invoiced in the week.
    • Green: All appointments have been invoiced.

What controls which invoice a fieldworker appears in?

Generally a fieldworker can be either a

  1. Contractor
  2. Employee

This setting will split the fieldworker between the Contractor Invoice Type and the Employee Invoice Type and further if they are a contractor the fieldworkers agent must be configured to pay individually otherwise they will be grouped under the agent invoice.

The Client Invoice type is not related to fieldworkers or agents but uses the Client assigned to the customer, clients are generally entities that work is done on behalf of.

The Dataforce Invoice is used by Dataforce for billing purposes.

Invoice Tabs

Tab Name Tab Description
Summary View Provides a count of the number of appointments in the week and their stage in invoice process.
Contractor Datafiles Allows operator to view and download the ‘Contractor Activity’ and ‘Not Invoiced’ datafile that are included in the email sent to the recipient of this invoice.
Work In Progress Preview of the invoice that includes appointments that not completed their submission.
Invoice View View and download and Finalize the RCTI invoice which include appointments that finished or not required a submission.

Select An Invoice Week.

  1. Select the Invoice Type you wish to view.
  2. Select the Invoice Week, if its not visible try click the ‘Load More Periods’ option it will render past invoice weeks.
  3. Select Fieldworker/Agent/Client or leave blank if want to view summary for entire week.
  4. If all steps are done the Summary View will be loaded details of this week.

Select Many Fieldworkers/Agents

Clicking a fieldworker/agent will select the recipient allowing the operator to process an invoice to select multiple recipient(s) the operator can click and hold the CTRL key and make a 2nd, 3rd, 4th selection, while holding the CTRL key and clicking the same selected recipient will remove their selection.