In ASAP, jobs provide a container for related appointments (at the same premises) which can store information shared between them, including:

Additionally, jobs collate their appointment’s information to provide an ease of access and an aggregate view of a jobs properties. This information is available through tabs in the job toolbar (blue), including:

Job Summary

The job summary tab provides an overview for a job’s most pertinent information, including comments added through various job activities such as changing appointment tags.

The summary screen has three sections, the first is on left and it shows the Job Status and list the appointments contained within. Section two provides fields to report on Customer Details, Address Details, Balances outstanding and Job Instructions. The final section list comments added through various job activities such as changing appointment tags.

Fields Displayed

Field Description
Customer Name Displays Customer Firstname and Surname.
Transaction Balance Displays value of the amount Due by the Customer.
Payment Received Subtotal of Payments Received from Customer.
Address The property address.
Home Contact Phone The customers Landline.
Mobile Contact Phone The customers Mobile Number.
Email Address Customers Email Address
Job Source The selected Job Source.
Created By User The fieldworker/ASAP Operator who created this job.
Created Date Date job was created.
Completed Appointment(s) Number of appointments that past completed status.
Job agent Agent assigned to the Job (used to control access)
Expected Installation Date Date selected as possible Date when installation is to be completed during quote
Company Name: Company name from the customer.
Recycling Receipts List of receipts from Decommissioning.
Job Instructions Job Instructions taken during creation
Certificates The certificates generated for the job.