Issues within ASAP are a basic ticketing feature that allow for the creation and maintenance of tickets (issues).

Issues are created through an appointment-level correspondence, typically a complaint.

Once created, issues can have notes attached and send notification emails when escalated.

To view a job’s issues, select the Issues tab (blue) on any job.

Adding an issue

  1. Open a job’s appointment
  2. Select the correspondence tab
  3. Add a correspondence, ticking the create issue option

Updating an issue

  1. Open a job
  2. Select the issues tab

  3. Select an issue
  4. Select one of the following actions
    1. Add note
    2. Set status to unresolved
    3. Set status to resolved

    4. Escalate (Escalating an issue will both set the status to Escalated and send a notification email to the customer)