What is a Stale Schedule Check?

When an appointment is changed by Operator’s actions ASAP records the date against the appointment and when a fieldworker syncs this appointment ASAP checks if their schedule was sent down to runabout before this change was made. If appointment is older then the last changed date it is stale and is missing changes.

The fieldworker can avoid a stale schedule by pressing the sync button on their device before they begin the appointment, Runabout will download a refreshed schedule with all recent changes.

If ASAP accepts a stale schedule, changes done by the Operator could be lost. When the data is needed the lock can be bypassed by setting the allow overwite flag and after the sync is finished the Operator will need to review the appointment to check what has been lost to take appropriate action.

Set the Overwrite Flag

  1. Navigate to the Appointment Actions Tab.
  2. Click the action Allow Overwrite.
  3. Select from Allow Overwrite Flag the value ‘Allow’ or ‘Do not Allow’ to turn off.
  4. Enter a Comment on why this sync is needed.
  5. Select the Confirm button bottom right of the screen.