View and Finalize an RCTI Invoice

From the Invoice View Tab an operator can do the following:

  1. Preview the invoice for the given week.
  2. Finalize the invoice.
  3. Reverse the Invoice.
  4. Download a pdf version of the invoice.
  5. Email out the invoice as a pdf with attached Contractor Activity datafiles to the invoice recipient.
  6. Download an invoice report as a pdf if one is setup.

Invoice Preview.

Each Invoice has a Header that includes invoice title, invoice number, details of the fieldworker company, an address and ABN as well as the invoice period. A Details section that includes in order the invoice line items, a manual adjustment line and lastly the invoice variations.

The invoice number and invoice title/To fields are configured from the Invoice Type Management screen.

The values on the invoice are Excluding GST by default if the fieldworker or agent are configured as GST applicable then it is added to the invoice subtotal.

Multiple invoices will be displayed if multiple recipients are selected an operator can review each individual and when satisfied finalize all invoices in the week in single pass.

Invoice Finalize and Invoice Reverse.

When an invoice is finalized the appointments that make up the invoice are changed to status of Invoiced and while in this status their products can not be changed.

An desktop audit requirements check must have passed before an invoice can be finalized for example the below error is displayed when not enough desktop audits are done.

If there are no blocking requirements an operator can finalize this invoice by clicking the button on the top left called Finalize Invoice the screen will ask for a confirmation and after is changed like below.

The finalize button is changed to a Reverse button the operator can reverse the invoice by clicking and when reversed the appointments are changed back to their pre invoice status.

Dowload an Invoice.

After an invoice is finalized the operator can download a pdf copy of the invoice(s) by clicking the Download Invoice button and if multiple recipients are selected their invoices will be appended.

An pdf copy may look like the example below:

Send Email to the Recipient.

After an invoice is finalized the operator can distribute the invoice by email, the address used is from their fieldworker record or their agent record if an agent invoice.

Once email has been sent a date will appear, clicking the email button will send the email a 2nd,3rd,4th time. .

The fieldworker/agent should receive the following email. .