To Clone the existing product.

  1. Open the Product Management screen by clicking Admin → Products

  2. Find the existing product and single click the row in the data grid and open the product for editing. Copy the products name from the text field and click the Back to Product Listing Button.

  3. Paste the product name into in keyword search text box and press the search button.

  4. Select the product in the data grid and click the clone button on the bottom right of the screen

  5. You will now see two products listed the cloned product will have the same name as original, to tell them apart look for the product that is in and inactive status and the greater product ID.

  6. Open the clone product for editing by double clicking the row in the data grid.

To Convert to a Non Certificate Product.

A Non Certificate Product is one which does not affect the energy savings of an appointment and will not be discounted by a certificate discount that ASAP will calculate. These products are sold outside of a certificate scheme.

A product will not generate certificates if the Product’s is not linked to any calculation zones. A product will not be discount by the appointments certificate discount if it is member of an activity where discounts have been disabled.

At least the following fields must be changed in the Product Details Tab.

  1. The product Activity is changed to a non scheme activity (in many of setup there exists a activity named (Non-ESS,VEET,REES,ERF), if one does not exist it must be created.
  2. Remove any calculation zones this product is a member of.
  3. Update the product type from Primary Product to Additional Product.

It also helpful to change the following.

  1. Update the product name, prefix with description like ‘non scheme’.
  2. Set a base price for this product.

Do not forget to press Save Details button before navigating to the other product tabs.

Question or manual product?

If you unsure how the products to be included into the appointment, if you can see the Tab Quantity Question and Product Questions the product is question based.

If these extra products are manual additions there are no further changes to make.

If the product will be included from a question we generally have a non scheme question block the quantity questions will need to be changed and this can be done from the Quantity Questions Tab while editing this product.

Stock relationship.

If stock is being tracked

Do not forget!

When happy with the configuration please navigate back to Product Details Tab and set this products status to Active.