Within ASAP, any user can be added to a job’s ‘Watcher List’.

This list serves two purposes:

  1. While watching a job, a user can circumvent any filters that may prevent them from typically viewing the job’s appointments. (e.g. agent restrictions)
  2. By watching a job, a user can find it with greater ease through the ‘Jobs I am Watching’ filter

Watcher Roles

Watcher roles provide a method for restricting a user’s ability to watch a job by date.

Additionally, roles provide a method for describing a watcher’s reason for being on the watcher list.

Adding / Updating a watcher role

  1. Navigate to the Watcher Role Management screen through Advanced Configuration [L-Z]Watcher Roles

  1. If updating an existing role, select the role from the list
  2. Add/update the watcher name (description)
  3. Add/update the valid to and from dates
  4. Select Add/Update Calculation Modifier