An Agent represents and entity that conducts work on your behalf, sub-contractors, partners, sales support etc.
An Agent Allows for customization of:

  1. Emails.
  2. Forms.
  3. Products.
  4. Sales Territories.
  5. RCTI Invoices.
  6. Payment Gateways.
  7. SMS Notifications.
  8. Appointment, Job, Audit Questions.
  9. Discount Rates on Calculations.

Agents are used to control User Job/Appointment access, every job is assigned a Job Agent and through this mechanism the external partners are able be access ASAP to review and manage their jobs only.

Fieldworkers too are assign an agent and this is used for example in ASAP to suggest to a scheduler those workers who are employed by the job agent.

Agents are managed from the Agent Management screen by clicking Admin → Agents on the navigation bar.

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