Recipient Created Tax Invoices

ASAP allows the creation of Recipient Created Tax Invoices on behalf of a Fieldworker or Contracting Agent.

An appointment can be included in an invoice when it has been assigned an invoice eligibility date this controls the invoice week an appointment will appear under and to be eligible:

  1. Appointment must not be in a status of Completed-Partial/Assigned/Waiting.
  2. Pass the following checks if enabled A. Requires valid or justified address B. Requires appointment not have the paperwork required flag enabled C. Requires full payment on job D. Requires appointment to not have the non-compliant flag enabled E. Parent appointment is in correct status or invoice eligible itself.

A desktop audit is not required to have an appointment eligible, audit requirements are controlled through through audit percentages setting found under a ‘Products Activity’ or the ‘Audit Percentages’ found under Preferences.

An Invoice has one to many invoice line items with each item an aggregate for a set of products multiplied buy a rate to arrive a cost and are added together to reach an invoice total.

If an exception occurs an Invoice Variation can be created to be included in the next invoice with a custom quantity and rate.

An invoice has two partner datafiles called ‘Contractor Activity Data’ which is the detail view of the products and appointments while the second datafile ‘Activity Not Invoiced’ is a list of appointments that are not invoiced and not in the current invoice week.

To Issue an RCT Invoice an operator will:

  1. Gather appointments into an invoice week by moving past/future appointments into the current week.
  2. Using the datafile ‘Contractor Activity Not Invoiced’ check for appointments that could be fixed and included.
  3. For each Fieldworker/Agent review the contents of the ‘Contractor Activity Datafile’ against the invoice preview to ensure totals match.
  4. Finalize each fieldworker/agent RCTI invoice to lockdown their appointments.
  5. Use the email function to send out an invoice and the two datafiles to the recipient.
  6. for internal use, download a combined copy of invoices in pdf format and a combined contractor activity datafile.

Invoicing is done via the Tasks > Invoices and the screens include:

  1. Invoices.
  2. Invoice Variations.
  3. Fieldworker Invoice Distribution.
  4. Client Certificate Allocation.

The majority of the invoice process is done via the first screen.