To progress an appointment to a completed status, all mandatory questions must be answered including any image questions.

Although this process is usually completed through Runabout (Android App), ASAP also provides a functionality for completing an appointment.

The following process can be combined with manually uploading images to completely finalise an appointment through ASAP.

Completing an Appointment

To complete an appointment through ASAP:

  1. Select an appointment
  2. Select the actions tab on the appointment toolbar (grey)
  3. Select Complete Appointment

  4. Update any customer details if necessary

  5. Enable the non-compliant, no-show or paperwork required flags if required
  6. If the appointment is an assessment, update the appointment quotation status to reflect whether the custom has agreed to the generated quote

  7. Add or remove any manual products required

  8. Answer all required questions
  9. Enter an actual completed date
  10. To finalise the appointment, select Submit otherwise select Save & Resume Later to save the current changes