Reports provide a method for retrieving key appointment information as well as summaries of other ASAP features (Products, SMS’s Sent, Suburbs, etc).

See below for a list of the most popular information retrieved through reports.

Viewing a Report

  1. Select ‘Reports’ from the global toolbar

  2. Select the required report from the Report drop down

  3. Fill any necessary filters / configurations

  4. Select ‘Show Summary’ to view the report within ASAP or ‘Export to Excel’ to download a csv (Excel) file

Common Reports

Reports for Assessments/Quotations:

Report Name Description
Quoted Products Summary Reports on the products selected during quotations
Forecast Required Stock Summary Report on products used in quotations for appointments that are scheduled in the future
Appointments Completed Reports on installations but does include the amount quoted and amount installed

Reports For Appointment Question Answers:

Report Name Description
Appointment Question Summary Reports on the non-block answers given during appointments
Appointment Question Block Summary Reports on the block answers given during appointments for single question block type
Question Summary Allows operator to choose a question and view answers from appointments
Questions With Tags Questions answers the will include an appointment tag when used

Reports for Stock Used during Installations:

Report Name Description
Stock By Appointment Stock usage grouped by appointment
Stock Summary Stock on Hand, Stock Allocations and Stock Returns

Reports for Products Used during Installations:

Report Name Description
Work Done By Fieldworker Products used group by fieldworker
Appointments Completed Column Oriented Product usage report
Appointments Completed By Activity Column Oriented Product usage report lists only the products used, limited by single activity
Appointment Product Summary All products consumed by appointments
Work Done by LGA Appointment & customer summaries by LGA
Product Usages Field workers and their consumption of individual products

Reports for Desktop Audits

Report Name Description
Audit Summary A basic appointment summary including audit information such as status and selected answers

Reports for Customer Payments and Invoices

Report Name Description
Customer Payments Payment transactions associated with appointments
Customer Invoice Summary Customer summaries including invoice details such as total cost, certificate discount & payments
Jobs with Non-Zero Balance Jobs with an outstanding positive or negative transaction balance

Reports for KPI

Report Name Description
Appointment Turnaround Appointment summaries including differences between key lifecycle dates such as: quote to accepted, created to assigned, etc
Job Status Report Appointment summaries by status including customer and certificate details
Certificate Summary Appointment summaries including key certificate values by activity
Jobs Created Sources Job summaries including the job’s creation source
Appointments By Operator Quantities of appointments created by operator sorted by status
Appointments By Agent Quantities of appointments assigned to agents sorted by status
Product Attributes Products and their attribute values
Job Costing Summary Job costing analyses including revenue, cost of goods and gross margin