Field workers use our companion app, Runabout, to complete work on site. Field workers cannot access the ASAP backend, their interaction is done completely through Runabout.

Adding a field worker to Runabout requires an ASAP user and we recommend this setup is done during an on-site training session. An ASAP user will enter their username and password as shown below, ASAP then sends back a list of field workers which can be added to the device.

Once a subscription is added to Runabout the field worker can create appointments or have appointments assigned to them in which they can answer questions, upload photos, capture signatures, take payments and add products.

ASAP is able to accept a variety of information about your workers, such as:

  1. Abilities/skills that your field staff possess
  2. A record of GST Registration
  3. Custom attributes, such as: license numbers or dates of training
  4. Phone numbers, email and other basic contact details
  5. Subcontracts (Agents)

To help plan your scheduling, field workers can:

  1. Be assigned to sales territories via suburbs/postcode
  2. Define their daily availability
  3. Block-out leave and sick days from a worker’s schedule

Field worker Management.

Please see the following screens for more details on how to manage your field workers:

  1. Create a Field Worker
  2. Select a Field Worker
  3. Modify a Field Worker
  4. Remove a Field Worker