Once created, an appointment can either be placed in a waiting list or scheduled to a field worker.

In ASAP, there are multiple tools available to facilitate the scheduling process:

  • Auto Scheduler - Provides a method for scheduling an appointment through selected answers on the job or parent appointment
  • Waiting List Auto Scheduler - Provides a method for automatically scheduling multiple appointments with a ‘Waiting’ status
  • Smart Scheduler - Provides a list of the field worker time-slots determined most suitable for the appointment, based on current schedule, travel distance, etc.
  • Manual Scheduler - Provides a method for manually selecting any field worker, time slot, etc. as well as the ability to modify the appointment’s work type
  • Mass Scheduler - Provides a method for scheduling multiple appointments through a drag and drop interface

Once a fieldworker has appointments assigned to them, they can view and complete them from a mobile device using the Android application, Runabout. Alternatively, ASAP operators can view and distribute fieldworker schedules through:

Auto Scheduler

Auto scheduling circumvents any manual operator processes by utilising selected answers from a parent appointment or job.

These questions, configured under the scheduling tab on the appointment’s work type allow field workers or ASAP operators to schedule an appointment without a manual scheduling process.

Smart Scheduler

To schedule/reschedule an appointment using the smart scheduler:

  1. Open the appointment
  2. Select the actions tab on the appointment toolbar (grey)

  3. Select Reschedule Appointment / Change Work Type -> Smart Scheduler

  4. To return an appointment to the waiting list (i.e. un-schedule an appointment), select ‘Add to waiting list
  5. To filter recommended time-slots:
    • Limit the time-slots available for each day of the week by selecting each daily time period at the top left
    • Limit the date range by selecting a start and end date
    • Limit field workers by:
      • Selecting required abilities
      • Selecting ‘ineligible suburbs’ (overrides field worker suburb availability)
      • Selecting ‘all agents’ (displays field workers whose agent differ from the job’s agent)
      • Manually specifying a field worker through the drop down field worker list
    • Alter time-slot size (appointment duration) by selecting a preset option from the duration drop down list
    • Deselecting ‘Load Route Distance’ to prevent the smart scheduler from testing distance between appointments
  6. Select ‘Filter Result
  7. Select a time-slot
    • Once selected the fieldworker’s daily schedule will appear on the right side of the screen (yellow = current appointment, orange = filled time-slots, green = available)
    • To view the field workers daily route, select ‘Show Route
  8. Select ‘Confirm Time-slot

Manual Scheduler

The manual scheduler provides a method for modifying an appointment’s:

  • Scheduled date / time
  • Field worker
  • Work type

To update an appointment using the manual scheduler:

  1. Open the appointment

  2. Select the actions tab on the appointment toolbar (grey)
  3. Select Reschedule Appointment / Change Work Type -> Manual Scheduler

  4. If required, select ‘Change Time-slot’, select the date and click the preferred time-slot

  5. If required, select Change Work Type and then select the work type from the drop down list

  6. Select Change field worker (even if field worker is not changing) and then select the required field worker from the list

  7. Add a comment
  8. (optional) Add any necessary job instructions
  9. Select ‘Confirm Reschedule

Mass Schedule

The mass scheduler provides a method for scheduling or adding multiple appointments to the waiting list using a drag and drop interface.

To schedule / add appointments to the waiting list using the mass rescheduler:

  1. Select tasks -> Mass Rescheduler

  2. Build a list of required appointment using the filters in the top left box, these appointments can either be currently scheduled (rescheduling) or on the waiting list
  3. To add an appointment to the waiting list, drag the appointment from the assigned appointments list into the waiting list box (top right)
  4. To schedule / re-schedule an appointment, select the required fieldworker from the list in rescheduling node (bottom). Drag the appointment from the assigned or waiting appointment list onto the fieldworkers schedule over the required time-slot
  5. Enter a comment in the reschedule comment section (this comment will apply to any altered appointments)
  6. Select ‘Reschedule Appointments


ASAP schedules provide a method of viewing all field worker schedules over a 10 day period. This schedule view can be used to view and distribute a field worker’s daily mapped itinerary as well as providing a general summary for each appointment within the schedule.

To view a field worker schedule using this method:

  1. Select ‘Schedules’ from the global toolbar

  2. Fill any required filters
  3. Select ‘Show Schedule

To view a field workers daily itinerary, select the itinerary icon (street sign) on the required day.

To view a more detailed summary of an appointment, simply hover the mouse over the appointments time-slot

Field Worker Schedules

To both view and download (Excel/CSV) individual field workers schedules, including detailed appointment information, use the field worker schedule screen.

To utilise this feature:

  1. Select Tasks -> Field Worker Schedules

  2. Select the required field worker, days, date type and start date
  3. Select Download (Excel/CSV), Show or Print Schedule

Schedule Distribution

Schedule distribution provides a method for sending a schedule to a group of fieldworkers.

To distribute a set of schedules:

  1. Select tasks -> Schedule Distribution

  2. Add any necessary filters to build the schedule and restrict the fieldworker list
  3. Select ‘Search
  4. Select all field workers that should receive their schedule
  5. Select ‘Send Schedule for Selected