Submissions Workflow Overview

ASAP provides a workflow to manage certificate submissions allowing operators to control which appointments have been claimed helping to prevent accidental duplicates.

You operator can produce a Datafile by selecting Installation appointments that have certificate eligible products. This Datafile will have the information need to commence a submission on a certificate authorities portal. Your operator can also download forms and file packs (photos) for the appointments at a click of a button.

The operator will then export this Datafile creating a submissions batch changing these appointments status to ‘Submitted’ with sub-status of ‘Pending’ or ‘Partial’ if further submission are required.

Once the status of an appointments certificates is known your operator will upload to ASAP a results file which details which certificates have succeeded and which have failed.

If all certificates are successful in an appointment its sub status will change to ‘Accepted’ and the submission eligibility date is cleared and the appointment becomes ready for a RCTI invoice.

If the submission has failures the appointment sub status will become ‘Failed’. To move these appointments forward an operator can handle the failures flagging them as either to pay or withhold and with failures processed the appointment will become ‘Submission’-‘Accepted’ and ready for RCTI.

If the operator wishes to do a re-submission with new evidence the appointment can be rolled back to Audited/Completed for another batch.

Submission Certificate Types

ASAP support three types of submissions Appointment, Activity and Product Attribute.

An Appointment certificate will have one batch export for the Appointment with a value of all products. If there are two certificate types setup as ‘Appointment’ ASAP Submission Eligibility Check will require only one of the two be processed.

An Activity certificate type will create one certificate for the scheme Activity with a value of products in this Activity. If a job has two scheme activities then the appointment will require two submission batches to be processed.

A Product Attribute type will generate one certificate for each unique Attribute from the installation products. ASAP only allows one submission per appointment for this type and all Products must be exported in same batch.

Submission Eligibility Check

A submission eligibility check is run when an installation appointment is completed and the status is not Complated-Partial. If the check is successful a new date called ‘Submission Eligibility Date’ is applied to the appointment.

A check runs the following.

  1. Appointments Worktype requires a submission.
  2. The appointment is not on the submission exclusion list.
  3. No blocking requirements e.g balance is paid, valid address, etc.
  4. The appointment has certificate eligible products.

This date is cleared when the submissions are finished.

If your using ASAP RCTI Fieldworker Invoices your operators will process the submissions first.

Submission Status Codes (Appointment)

Status SubStatus Description
Submitted Pending All Submission have been exported but their status is not known.
Submitted Partial One or more exports are still required to be exported.
Submitted Accepted All submissions have been successful.
Submitted Failed One or more submissions have failed.

Submission Status Codes (Certificates)

Status Description
Pending A submission made to the certifying authority but its status is unknown.
Rejected A submission has been rejected by the certifying authority.
Accepted A submission has been accepted by the certifying authority.

Submission And Export Screens

  1. Datafile Export under Tasks > Datafiles and Submissions > Datafile Exports.
  2. Recent Submissions under Tasks > Datafiles and Submissions > Recent Submissions.
  3. Certificate Status Import under Tasks > Datafiles and Submissions > Certificate Status Import.