What is Quote Status?

An assessment appointment generates a quote, this quote has three statuses:

  1. Accepted - when customer agreed to the quote.
  2. Pending - when waiting on customer to agree to quote.
  3. Rejected - when customer has refused the quote.

Generally, this status is used to prevent a follow up or installation appointment from being booked when customers are not interested. An Admin can configures the work type of the follow up appointment, whether or not to use the quotation status as the creation criteria.
Please refer to requirements section for Work Type to learn more about this configuration.

Change Quote Status

  1. Navigate to the Appointment Actions Tab.
  2. Click the action Change Quotation Status.
  3. Select new status from the first dropdown or leave unchanged.
  4. Enter the date the quote was accepted if different from displayed.
  5. Enter a Comment about why this change was done.
  6. Select the Confirm button on bottom right of the screen.

Check the Appointments Quotation Status

The status can be found in the Appointment Summary Tab