To revert an appointment will cause ASAP to remove the question answers, products and digital assets inside the appointment and will return it to an Assigned status ready for a new completion.

This may be necessary if:

  1. Customer has asked to remove their data from ASAP.
  2. This is a test Appointment and like to reuse it.
  3. Stock been consumed and you need to cancel the appointment.
  4. Appointment has been completed accidentally.

Reverting an appointment can not be done once the Appointment has been Submitted or a Fieldworker Invoice been issued or there is an existing followup appointment like an installation after an assessment. Before running the revert action the followup appointments must be reverted and canceled first.

  1. Navigate to the Appointment Actions Tab.
  2. Click the action Revert to Assigned.
  3. Enter a Comment on why this is to be reverted.
  4. Select the Confirm Revert button bottom right of the screen.
  5. Read the Warning Dialog and click the Continue button.