ASAP provides support for return visits, this new appointment is created off an already completed appointment and will have the same work type but can support a custom question script.

Currently callbacks can not:

  1. Have new Products and or affect stock levels.
  2. Affect the customer invoice.
  3. Affect the certificate calculations.

Callbacks can provide an appointment that can be scheduled in which the fieldworker can answer new questions and take new/missing photos.

Booking a Callback Appointment.

Booking a Callback appointment can be done from the Appointments Tab in the Job Bar.

  1. Open the Job that requires the Callback.
  2. Navigate to the Appointments Tab in the Job Bar.
  3. Select the Appointment that requires the return visit.
  4. Click the button Create Callback on the bottom right.
  5. Select a Callback Reason from the drop down.
  6. Enter Job Comments.
  7. Click the button Confirm Appointment on the bottom right.
  8. The appointment created and on the Waiting List and ready for scheduling.

Check the Appointment Outcome in ASAP

The appointment outcome can be checked from the appointment summary tab.

Search for Callback Appointments.

See the Appointment Search page for more details on how to search for appointments with this outcome.