The appointment history screen is used to maintain a record of most changes performed on an appointment, including:

  • Scheduling changes including creation
  • Updates synced through Runabout
  • Stock Changes
  • Invoicing
  • Certificate submissions
  • Appointment actions
Field Description
Job Id The Job Number in ASAP
Customer Ref A system generated identifier for the job’s customer record, if applicable
Date Date time when the action occured
Operator The user responsible for the action
Activity The event type
Reason A brief description of the event
Comments Additional information, pertinent to the event e.g. file names, Runabout versions, etc
Schedule Date Used for scheduling actions to identify previous schedule time
Schedule Time Used for scheduling actions to identify previous field worker

Viewing Appointment History

To view an appointment’s history

  1. Select an appointment

  2. Select the history tab on the appointment toolbar (grey)

  3. If the history should include job level changes (e.g. job creation, customer details, etc) select Show Job History