Open appointments for changes and a new submission run.

ASAP provides two methods to undo a submission batch.

  1. Reverse the batch which change all the appointments to their pre submission status.
  2. Revert An Appointment for an inclusion in a special Resubmission batch.

Reverse a Batch.

A batch can be reversed from the Recent Submission screen the appointments in the batch will revert to their before submission status of Audited or Completed and the batch records are purged.

  1. Navigate to the Invoice > Recent Submission Page.
  2. If the batch is not visible, please enter the batch number into the search field.
  3. Select the Reverse Button as shown below.
  4. Click ‘Ok’ from the confirmation popup to continue.

If you see error message like:

An error has occurred: Unable to process Request as The batch at xxxx has x invoiced appointments and can not be reversed

The batch can not be reversed as there are appointments that have been included in an RCTI invoice. The invoice must be reversed first.

Revert and Appointment For Resubmission.

This action allows a single appointment to have a submission reverted and re-completed at a later date but before an appointment can be reverted the required activities must be in a status of Submitted-Rejected. This can be done by uploading the Certificate Response File with status of ‘R’ for rejected on the required appointments.

When ready open the Appointment and navigate to the Appointment Actions Tab and click the option shown below:

Click the option Revert Appointment for Certificate Re-submission, please enter a description on why this action is occurring and click ‘Confirm’ button.

If an error popup is shown like below then the appointment is missing a submission in a rejected status (nothing to revert). Please upload the response file or manually update the submission status using the appointments Certificate Submission Tab.

If successful the appointment will be reverted to its before submission status and if the appointment is in an audited status please also fail the audit to open changes to the appointments questions.

A resubmission is a similar process as the original submission though the status Ready for Resubmission must be selected instead.

To be included in this new batch:

  1. The appointments must have status of Audited/Completed
  2. Activities applicable to the currently datafile are in a rejected status.