Creating an Agent

  1. Open the Agent Management screen by clicking Admin → Agents on the navigation bar

  2. Click “Add Agent”

  3. Enter the information of the agent into the provided fields
    Refer to Agent Details Fields for more information about those fields.

  4. Click Save Details to create the agent.

  5. After that, you will need to assign the agent to a specific suburb through “Agent Suburb Availability” tab. Without any availability, you will not be able to assign this agent’s fieldworkers to any suburb.

  6. There are multiple buttons and filters provided in this screen to help users to select the appropriate suburbs in a short time.
    • Use the state filter, click the arrow icon next to the state column.
    • Select the appropriate state.
    • After that, the list would only display all suburbs within the selected state.
    • Select the suburb that should be available for that agent or click “select all visible suburbs” if the agent is available on all suburbs within the selected state.
  7. Click Save Suburbs

Agent Details Fields

The following table contain all of the required information to add a basic product.

Property Description
Agent Logo Logo will be displayed on Quotation and Invoice screen in Runabout. In addition to that, agent logo can be mapped into forms via form designer.
Note: Logo must be at least 450 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall.
Alternate Header Image An alternative logo to use in the ASAP header bar for users who have this Agent set as their primary agent.
Note: Logo must be at least 450 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall.
Fieldworker Invoices To specify the type of invoice for the fieldworkers who works under this agent. Fieldworker can be invoiced individually or together under one agent.
Invoice Method Select ‘Recipient Created Tax Invoice’ if you want to use ASAP to create and send RCTI invoices for this agents and it’s fieldworkers.
Account Name
Account Number
Specify the bank account that will receive payments
Payment Gateway Provider You are required to setup an account with any of the following payment gateway provider to receive credit card payment.
SecurePay, Bpoint, Eway or BPointDirect.
Payment Gateway Username
Payment Gateway Password
You will need to enter your payment gateway account details to start receiving credit card payment in ASAP
Brochure The brochure that will be included in customer emails
Logo For Form A high resolution logo that can be mapped into a form through form designer
Agent Groups The Agent Groups where this agent belongs to. You can setup the agent’s product access through Agent Group. Agent Group will be useful if you have products that are available for more than one agent.
Additional Product Access Specify the products that are available for the fieldworkers of this Agent. This field is useful if you have a product that is only available for a particular agent.
Client Access The clients which this agent can create jobs for.