Creating a Field Worker Ability

  1. Open the Field Worker Abilities Management screen by clicking Admin → Basic Configuration → Field Worker Abilities

  2. Enter an ability name into the Name field

  3. Enter any work types the ability should apply to in the Work Type 1 and 2 fields
  4. Select the Add Field Worker Abilities Button

Ability Filtering


  • Questions can be configured to display only if the field worker answering possesses a specific ability
  • To enable this in a question, select the required abilities in the Requires Field Worker Abilities field under the Requirements tab

  • The same logic applies for question answers, add a field worker ability to the Linking and Filtering field of a question answer to prevent it from being seen by field workers without the ability


  • Products can be configured such that they are only available to field workers possessing a defined ability
  • To enable this, open the product and select the ability in the Restrict to Ability field under the Product Access section


  • When using the smart scheduler for an appointment there is an option to filter field workers by abilities

  • This option can be automatically filled by the smart scheduler based on job question
  • For this functionality to work there must exist a Job question whose answer requires a field worker ability
  • Once that answer is selected the smart scheduler will include that ability in the scheduling filter