Bulk method to send Invoice Emails.

An email can be sent after the invoice is finalized but if company procedure is to wait for a later date e.g send out at start of the month, the Fieldworker Distribution screen offers a faster method of pushing out these emails.

If the fieldworker is paid through agent invoice they are not listed in this screen.

To find fieldworkers to distribution of from the filter bar:

  1. Select and Invoice Week to distribute.
  2. Choose to include inactive fieldworkers in the search
  3. Filter by a fieldworker ability.
  4. Click the Search button.

If an email has been sent already the column titled Last Send Date will be populated. If that fieldworker is selected again another email will be sent.

To choose which fieldworker to distribute to:

Use the Select All checkbox to quickly select all fieldworkers in the grid.
Select a Single fieldworker with mouse
Hold down the CTRL Key and click multiple fieldworkers, use the SHIFT key to select all the above last selected.

If the number of records extends past a single page, the gird will remember those selected on previous pages.

To Begin the Distribution

When ready to being the distribution click the Send Invoice(s) for Selected button on the top right of the screen.