Processing a Submission

To Review your recent export batches navigate to Tasks > Datafile and Submissions > Recent Submissions.

This screen lists the 100 last submissions that have not been completed a completed batch is when there are no pending certificates where the value of the ‘Pen’ column is zero.

Filter Bar

To view a single batch you can enter the batch number into the ‘Batch Number Field’ and then click filter button the gird below will return the result for only this batch. To view recently completed batches you can change the ‘Status’ filter to the value Complete and the click the filter button.

The Agent filter will return batches exported for the selected agent while the Fieldworker filter will do the same for a single fieldworker but please note a certificate batch is linked to an agent or fieldworker if when the batch was created you had selected a fieldworker or agent from the filters.

Certificate Processing Workflow

Column Name Description
Activity Name of the Datafile Exported
BatchId Identifier number of the batch
Agent/Fieldworker The Fieldworker or Agent this batch exported on
Export Date The Creation date of the batch
Records Number of certificates lines (not Qty) in batch
Certs Qty of the certificates in batch
Pen Number of Pending cert lines
Rej Number of Rejected cert lines
Acc Number of Accepted cert lines
Action Action options (Reverse batch)

To process a submission batch you must go through the steps 1 to 4.

Step 1 allows you download the export file from Datafile and Submissions screen.

Step 2 is a confirmation that this batch has been exported to a certificate authorities portal.

Step 3 will download a response file for this batch, this file is in a CSV (Comma Separated List) format which can be opened in Excel. Below is and outline of the columns in this file

Step 4 will navigate you to the response file upload screen where you can upload this completed repsonse file.

To complete a response file

File Columns

Column Description Required ?
Datafile / Datafile Reference Name of the Export File and database reference Do not Change
Work Activity Database id of the exported work activity (if activity export) Do not Change
Product Attribute The Value of the product attribute exported Do not Change
Appointment Id ASAP appointment number for this certificate Do not Change
Batch Number Certificate submission batch number Do not Change
Export date Date the batch was exported Do not Change
Custom1..CustomX These columns that can be include from the exported file Do not Change
Authority Response Status If certificate is accepted/rejected/pending Required
Submitted Date Date the submission was made Required
Authority Response Message Extra messages from the cert authority (reject reasons) Optional
Registration ID Identifier for the actual certificate Optional

A response file has three sections with first 7 column (A-G) fixed with ASAP using these to identify the certificate when the file is uploaded.

The next section includes columns from the original export file and can be used to further identify the certificate e.g customer name, company name. These columns are configured through the Datafile Columns Management screen.

The last section is for your operators to complete and provides the status of the certificate on the authority’s portal.

Completion Steps

  1. Find the certificate line in the file using the columns on the left (the appointment number most helpful here).
  2. Enter into column ‘Authority Response Status’ either the value ‘A’/’R’/’P’ (Accepted/Rejected/Pending)
  3. Enter the date in the column ‘Submitted Date’ in the format dd/mm/yyyy.
  4. Optionally enter in the column ‘Authority Response Message’ a message that less than 255 characters.
  5. Optionally enter in the column ‘Registration ID’ an id less than 100 characters.
  6. Save the file as a CSV format Do not let Excel change the files format.

Response file Q&A

Q: Can I upload a response file again?
A: Yes you can upload a response file again, if the appointments are not in a submitted status those certificates will be skipped over.

Q: Do I have to upload the whole response file?
A: No you can remove appointments that for example are invoiced, each certificate line is unique and is processed individually but do not remove the two header lines those must stay.