Glossary of terms used in Dataforce ASAP



An Agent is an entity that represents a company that has one or more Field workers

Agent Product Price

The price of a product as determined by the rules set in the [Agent Product settings]. Refer to Agent Product Settings for more details


Appointments represent a visit to a site

Appointment & Job ID

Unique set of numbers used to identify separate jobs and appointments


Base Product Price

The price of a product as set in the Product Register field ‘Customer Cost’. Refer to Base Product Price for more details



Admin features which allow for creation and modification of custom features within Dataforce ASAP. It is labelled with the Cogwheel logo


Dataforce ASAP

The web application used by operators to manage scheduling, auditing and other tasks

Dataforce Runabout

The mobile application that is used by Field workers to complete appointments in the field. Refer to Dataforce Runabout for more details


File exported from Dataforce ASAP in a format defined by a Datafile Type. Refer to Datafiles for more details

Datafile Type

Configurable datafile definition that defines the format of an exportable file

Decommissioning and Recycling

Products that have been replaced and used for recycling



Used to map questions and answers onto PDF documents depending on the job

Field Worker

A user of Dataforce Runabout. Field workers have a Field worker account. Refer to Field worker for more details



Jobs are the parents of appointments and contain all information for the work being done at the same premises

Job / Appointment Status

A status is assigned to it to define what stage the appointment/job is at



A User of Dataforce ASAP. Operators login with a User account into the web application through an Internet browser



A tag is like a label that can be added to appointments or jobs to help with organising them or finding them. Refer to Tags for more details


Work Type

Different types of work which Field Workers conduct are separated used work types. Refer to Work Type for more details