Tags are used to build custom classifications schemes. Tags can be used for the following:

  1. Filter appointments on the Waiting List.
  2. Prevent Invoice Eligibility and Submission Eligibility on appointments.
  3. Provide filters for Invoice Line Items.
  4. Improve searching as Tags can be used to filter appointment and job searches.

Automatic tags are those tags which are linked to question answers, when this answer is used during an appointment or desktop audit the tag applied to the appointment.

Manual tags are tags that are not linked to a question answer and these are applied by an operator using the relevant appointment action option.

An appointment can have one to many tags.

The Appoinment Summary Tab will show which tags are applied to the appointment.

Create an Automatic Tag.

An automatic Tag is any tag that is linked to a question answer. The question editor provides the option to apply a tag. please see page Adding New Question.

Automatic Tags and Desktop Audits

As the same desktop audit can be completed multiple times automatic tags will only be applied from the last completed audit of the same type. If an appointment has two instances of a Desktop Audit Called ‘Post Installation Audit’ only the 2nd audit will apply tags with the first audit ignored.

Sweep Past Appointments to apply a New Automatic Tag.

If you have applied a tag to an existing question answer it will not be linked to an appointment until the question is resaved. To update an existing appointments you can either:

  1. Resave the Appt Questions or Desktop Audit.
  2. Use Bulk tag sweep option.

The bulk sweep option is available under the bulk actions dropdown in the Advance Search Dialog. This bulk action does alter past appointments question answers but instead uses the existing answers to apply new tags and it is safe to use on invoiced an submitted appointments.

To run the Action see the page Bulk Appointment Actions.

Add a Manual Tag to an Appointment.

  1. Navigate to the Appointment Actions Tab.
  2. Select Change Appointment Tags and click with your mouse.
  3. Select the new tags or click the existing tags to remove.
  4. Add a comment to explain why.
  5. Click the Button Update Tags, to save your changes.

Bulk Add and Remove Tags to Appointments

There are two bulk appointment actions ‘Add Tag’ and ‘Remove Tag’, these actions will allow you to add one to many manual tags to an appointment or remove one to many manual tags.

To run the Action see the page Bulk Appointment Actions.