Creating an Email Type

  1. Open the Email Types Management screen by clicking Admin → Advance Configuration → Email Types

  2. Enter the Email Type details into the fields, see below for descriptions

  3. Select Add Email Type

Property Descriptions

Property Description
Description The name of the email type in ASAP
Email Template The template that will be used for this email type
Sender Email The email address that will act as the sender

If this field is red the email has not yet been verified
Sender Name The name of the sender
Email Subject The subject of the email, can include:
{job_id} - The job ID
{app_id} - The appointment ID
For example: Customer Quote {job_id}
Recipient Email A fixed email address, emails will be sent to this address instead of the customer address
Recipient Type The type of recipient
Attach Forms Forms to be attached to an email, see attaching a form
Disabled A form of soft deletion, removes emails from future use
Email Type A category for the email type
Work Type(s) Work types that will utilise the email type, a form’s work type must match this
Question Answer(s) Question answers that will enable the email to be sent
Restrict to Client Clients that will utilise the email type
Agent Filter Agents that will utilise the email type
Activities Activities that require the email type
Disable Default Email Do not use system wide default email if no customer email is available
CC FieldWorker Send a copy of the email to the field worker
CC to Send a copy of the email to this address
Send On The event that will trigger the email to be sent
Include Partially Completed Appointments An option to link forms to assigned appointments
Normally a form is linked once its appointment is completed
Attach Product Brochures Attach relevant brochures