Most screens throughout ASAP display their data in the form of a list.

These lists posses a number of common functionalities that can helpful when navigating the system.

Modifying Columns

Most lists within ASAP provide the operator to hide/show columns, these preferences will persist when you leave ASAP.

To hide/display a column:

  1. Select the column drop-down icon at top right of the list
  2. Toggle the required columns

Selecting Data

Some screens provide the ability to select multiple rows to enable extra functionality. Additionally, once selected, a row can be deselected, by holding CTRL and clicking.

To select consecutive rows within an ASAP list:

  1. Select the first row
  2. Hold SHIFT and select the final row in the series

To select non-consecutive rows:

  1. Select the first row
  2. Hold CTRL and select the other required rows

Exporting Lists

Any page that utilises an ASAP list, can have its data exported in a printable page or CSV (Excel) file.

To export list data, use the following:

Large Lists

Some lists within ASAP may exceed the screen size, if this is the case, navigation buttons will appear at the bottom of the list.

To travel forward or backwards a single page, use the following:

Alternatively, these buttons can utilised to travel to the first or last page of the list: