Auditing provides a method of determining an appointment’s compliance through a set of questions grouped into audit types.

These questions can be configured to determine an appointment’s validity based on the the answer entered or selected, for more information see audit statuses.

An appointment can be audited multiple times across multiple audit types providing the ability to assess multiple compliance requirements.

Additionally, both Activities & Work Types can require appointments to be audited before progressing through the submission / invoicing process.

Audit Statuses

Once an audit is saved on an appointment, its status will become audited regardless of the audit outcome. This outcome, however, is represented through one of the following audit sub-statuses:

Sub-Status Value
Re-Audit [Field] 4
Re-Audit [Phone] 4
Re-Audit [HAIR] 4
Duplicate 4
Corrections Required 4
Corrections Completed 4
Partial 4
Failed 3
Waived 2
Corrected 2
Pass/Passed 1

When determining an audit’s sub-status, ASAP will gather all statuses associated with the audit’s selected answers and assign the sub-status with the greatest value from the table above.

E.g. If both Re-Audit [Field] and Waived are selected, the appointment’s sub-status will be set to Re-Audit [Field] as it has a higher value.

If two statuses are selected with the same value, the appointment’s sub-status will be set to the status that appears first (i.e. attached to the question with a lower sort order).

Additionally, if an action is selected from the ‘Action Required’ section at the end of an audit, the selected action will override any status attached to answers (none does not override anything)

Audit Questions

Within ASAP, an audit question is simply a question with a type of ‘Audit’ , i.e. Audit questions can be managed in the same method as other ASAP questions such as appointment or customer questions through the question management screen.

The most effective method for adding or updating questions for a specific Audit Type is through the following process:

  1. Open the question management screen
  2. Select ‘Tree View
  3. Select the Audit Type through the ‘filter by’ drop down
  4. Select ‘Filter Questions
  5. Modify or add a question, ensuring you selected:
    • The Audit Type from the ‘Valid for Audit Types’ drop down under the requirements tab
    • The required Audit Status for any question answers (if applicable) under the answers tab

This method allows you to view the questions as they appear during the auditing process.