Calculation types represent distinct calculations within ASAP e.g. Certificates vs Certificates with Reduction Factor

Appointments can contain multiple calculation types available through the calculations tab.

Calculation types contain a primary calculation which can be utilised for the discount value, if configure.

Optionally, each type can contain a secondary calculation which often contains a complementary calculation (e.g. Primary = Certificate & Secondary = Energy)

Adding a Calculation Type

  1. Navigate to the Calculation Type Management screen through Advanced Configuration [A-K]Calculation Types
  2. Fill the configuration options
  3. Select Add Calculation Type

Updating a Calculation Type

  1. Navigate to the Calculation Type Management screen through Advanced Configuration [A-K]Calculation Types
  2. Select the Calculation Modifier Group
  3. Update the configuration options
  4. Select Update Calculation Type

Configuration Options

Configuration Description
Calculation Type ID A system generated identifier
Calculation Type Name A description of the the calculation type
Decimal Places Number of decimal places the calculation result will round to if no rounding method is set
Calculation Run Order A method of sorting calculation types where 1 will appear before 2 in ASAP lists
Calculation Cap A maximum value for the primary calculation result
Zone(s) A list of zones that will include the calculation type
Primary Calculation Name A description for the primary calculation
Primary Calculation Units The unit label for the primary calculation e.g. 1.25 ‘Certificates’
Primary Calculation Term The term label for the primary calculation e.g. 1.25 Certificates / ‘year’
Primary Calculation Format The format in which the primary calculation will appear
Primary Rounding Method The rounding method, applied to the calculation at an activity level
Dual Calculation If selected, a secondary calculation will be added to the calculation type, this will add all of the primary fields above for the secondary type. A common usage of the secondary calculation type is Primary = Certificates, Secondary = Energy Savings
Is the default calculation If selected, this calculation type will be used as the default calculation throughout ASAP
Discount Type A discount associated with the calculation, can include:
- None: No discount
- Point of Sale: Will apply the calculated discount to job balance (quote/invoice)
- Delayed: Will still calculate a discount but will not apply to the job
Discount Rate (ex. GST) The dollar value per unit of the calculation, should be in a decimal format
e.g. If the rate is set to 12.60 and the calculation results in 2.4 the discount will equate to $30.24 (ex GST)
Detailed Discount If selected the discount will appear with a quantity, rate and total on appointment invoice/quotes. If unchecked the discount will appear as a single dollar value
Add GST (if applicable) Add GST to the discount rate if applicable (e.g. business customers)