Selecting a Question

  1. Open the Question Management screen by clicking Admin → Basic Configuration → Questions
  1. Enter any filters necessary, see below for descriptions

  2. Select a question by clicking the row

Filter Descriptions

  • Use the following table to fill search filters for questions

    Filter Description
    List / Tree View Tree View

    Tree views display question in the manner they will appear in production. They are useful for seeing parent and child connection but display less information than the list view.

    List View

    List view is useful for seeing more question information or viewing all questions instead of navigating to child questions as is necessary in tree view
    Keyword / Question Id A search term, can include the Question ID or a keyword in the question text
    Question Type The type of question, can be: Job, Customer, Appointment or Audit
    Question Block The questions relationship to a question block E.g. Not in a block, in any block, in a specific block, etc.
    Show Disabled Return disabled questions in the search
    Category The question’s category
    Filters A pre-populated list of filters E.g. Agents, audit types, etc
    Work Type The question’s work-type
    Activity The question’s activity
    Valid For A date when the questions should be valid

Modifying a Question

  1. Select a question
  2. Modify the properties below

Deleting a Question

  1. Select the question
  2. Check the ‘Disabled’ checkbox