• Suburb is used in order to work out which calculation zones are applied to the job. Basically, suburb is used to determine the calculation modifiers that will be applied to the job.
  • Suburb is also used to specify the availability of an agent and fieldworker to a job. Agents and fieldworkers that do not have a particular suburb assigned to them will not be able to do the job / appointment that is located at that suburb.

Add Modify Suburb

  1. Open the Suburb List screen by clicking Admin → Advanced Configuration → Suburb
  2. (Optional) click the suburb that you want to modify
  3. Enter the suburb details into the provided fields

    Property Description
    Suburb* The name of the suburb
    State The state of where the suburb is located
    Agent The agent that are able to use or select this suburb
    Calculation Zones* The calculation zone type that is being applied to a job when this suburb is selected
    Disabled Toggle it to see the disabled suburb, vice-versa
    Postcode The postcode of the suburb
    LGA* The council where the suburb is belong to
    Group The suburb group where this suburb is belong to (Not Available)
    Area Classification Not Available
  4. Click Add Suburb