Adding a Field Worker Subscription

  1. Touch the Subscriptions icon to access the subscriptions configuration screen
    • You will be presented with a list of active and inactive subscriptions. If you have just installed Runabout then the list of subscriptions will be empty
  2. Touch the plus icon in the bottom right corner of the screen
  3. Select the environment required for the subscription from the top left drop down list
    • UAT (User Acceptance Testing) - This is your testing/training system
    • PROD (Production) - This is your production system
  4. Select the program required for the subscription from the top right drop down list
  5. Enter a Username and Password into the fields
  6. Touch the Search Using ASAP Credentials button
    • You will be presented with a list of available Field workers for the selected program/environment
  7. Touch the field worker to add it as an active subscription
    • The Field worker will be added to the device and should appear under Active subscriptions

Removing a Field Worker Subscription

  • In runabout there are two forms of removing a field worker subscription
    • Subscription Deactivation - The subscription will still exist on Runabout and will appear under the inactive category, however it cannot be utilised i.e. Cannot retrieve or create appointments
    • Subscription Deletion - Removes the subscriptions from Runabout entirely

Enabling / Disabling a Subscription

  1. To either activate or deactivate a field worker subscription simply touch it
    • i.e. Touching an inactive subscription will activate it and touching an active subscription will deactivate it


  1. Touch and hold a subscription
  2. Touch Enable Subscription / Disable Subscription

Deleting a Subscription

  1. Touch and hold the Field worker subscription
  2. Touch Delete Subscription