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The submission of appointments to Dataforce ASAP are split into three stages. These stages can be seen from the displayed loading bar.

  • 0 to 20% on the loading bar indicator means that Dataforce Runabout is sending the appointment data such as question answers, customer details, signatures, photo meta-data etc to the Dataforce ASAP server.
  • 20 to 80% on the loading bar indicator means that Dataforce Runabout is uploading photos
  • 80 to 100% on the loading bar indicator means that Dataforce Runabout has completed uploading the appointment and is now downloading the updated scheduled for the day.

If the process is stuck at 20% it could mean that the image upload has stopped or so slow it seems that it is not moving.

The potential origin of this issue might be because of your internet connection speed.

You can try to run google speed test to check your upload speed.

Please click here to run google speed test.

If internet connection speed is the problem then try to move to an area with better reception or alternatively connect to a wifi hotspot.

Please read the error message displayed on your screen.

Before calling our phone support, please ensure that you are running on the newest version of Dataforce Runabout.

You are getting this error because someone on the Admin side of ASAP has made a change to the appointment that has not been synced to your device! To solve this issue you must allow override access for the appointment.

NOTE: Allowing this will override ANY changes made by the ASAP Admin user. Meaning that the Field workers version will override the appointment.

Ensure that your mobile device pass the Operating Systems requirement, 4.1+ for Android or 10+ for iOS.
Follow this guide to check which OS version your mobile device runs.

In addition to OS requirement, your device will also requires internet connection, camera and location features.
Please check the following guide to enable location feature on your mobile device.

To download Dataforce Runabout on android please read to the following help page Dataforce Runabout Android Installation, and for iOS, Runabout iOS Installation.